It is sunny
Not cold at all,
It is such a beautiful day
To those who live,
It is peaceful
To those with peace inside.

Oh! God
It’s such a wonderful day,
It is a blessed day,
To those who have accepted Christ.
It is a happy day
To the joyful children.

It is a sad day
To those who have been hurt,
It is a day of success
To those who have worked hard,
It is a day of winning
To those who have tried hard.

It is a day like no other
To all the living,
The roses smell sweeter
Rivers flow gentler
The birds sing better
And I feel bitter.

For on this day
I feel all alone
I lost all hope
As I’ve been racing for years
But still there’s no finish line
Now I’m tired, drained
But still it’s a day…