Come sit with me
Let’s talk for a while.
Of this and that;
Perhaps you’ll smile.

Of this and that?
You mock me friend.
Of this and that
Your mind unbends.

If you like,
Then that and this.
Whatever is needed
For that smile amiss.

What ails your face?
Not this and that.
You wear your masks,
Always looking back.

Turn to me
And you will see.
This and that
Can see you free.

Why does this happen?
And that to me?
These are your questions;
Your urgent plea.

Do good as always;
This is who you are.
Let them not tarnish
That bright, shining star.

This face keep it smiling;
To even that of your foes.
Keep them wondering;
And on their toes.

So you will see;
This and that.
A simple solution;
Undeniably fact.