You might say this is a song,
You might say this is a poem,
But I just want to leave you with a thought before you go home…

Home is where the heart is
So don’t let it wander too much
You might just fall into a trap
And be completely out of touch
You might do something that you didn’t do before
So don’t expect the same results
Try and stay focused at all times
And act like an adult
Don’t be jealous of other people’s things
Stay focused on your own
Why you acting all big but your brain hasn’t even grown?!

Sorry If I offended you but I have to speak my mind
I might just smack you full in the face with the truth
But that would not be kind.
You might continue this chapter of your life all alone and scared
So don’t get caught with your pants down and not properly prepared
You might just be embarrassed if that really happens to you
You’ve been told to do the right thing
Now you don’t even have a clue
What else can we do as people to help the human race
Instead we treating each other like foreigners
And don’t mind spitting in each other’s face

So let me leave you with a thought that might impact your soul
You might die today or live forever
Question is… will you reach your ultimate goal?