I have seen the sun rising on the east
Setting on the west and the rise of the Beast
Battle zones in my soul and the chaos on the streets
Hands cuffed to my waist, chains dragging by my feet

Days and nights in jump suit and boots, imagine how I feel
Situations so brutal they make a grown man weep
I have seen night fall with no place to sleep
A heavy load on my shoulders with no food to eat

Snatched purses for a living trying to satisfy the needs
Selling drugs trying to make ends meet
I have bills to pay and little mouths to feed
Clothing and what I owe, transport and school fees

While my neighbours and their rumours weigh me to my knees
Oppression grows heavy and the journey is getting steep
I keep a smile on my face, still waters run deep
I see tears in my mother’s eyes, her face to the sky.

If he hears her cry then why does He not reply?
I was told to keep trying but time flies
Fingers cling on the bars while my life passes me by
Two kids yet I’m still struggling, when will the sun shine?

They said it was just a phase one day it will be fine
Said to have faith because the pain will end in due time
Scars remain only on the surface but wounds heal with time
My heart bleeds all seasons, there is no healing mine.

I have seen my life flash before my eyes
Waves of change taking by surprise
Friends turned to foes before I realized
Sly foxes in disguise, the people I despise

I have seen the Beast blowing clouds of anger
Skulls smashed, bones broken with a spanner
Boys becoming men by wearing bandanas
With blades ready to flip whenever

I hope I get to see heaven
Hope is never lost even when respect is lost forever
I have seen a bolt of lightning strike the same place twice
Exposed and torn apart, in the winds cold as ice

In the tunnels of loneliness my friends are the mice
Night creatures that fill the atmosphere and blood sucking pests
I can’t buy a way out, my credit is exhausted
Survival’s my plight
Fighting a losing battle but I fight with my might.

I have seen homes ablaze, teary eyes that looked amazed
Beyond the stars I gaze, imagining a better place
Scouting for familiar faces, hoping for a chance to take
Chains I need to brake and take everything at stake