You left me a note of hatred,
I hate that you left,
Why did you wake up?
Why didn’t you sleep?
You left me asleep,
That destroyed me,
I thought you’d come back,
But you didn’t,
I kept asking myself why did you leave?
Wasn’t I your sunlight as you said?
You left the bedroom of love,
Was my love for you allergic?
I thought you were mine,
Love was our promise,
I don’t know if you loved me like I did,
I wish you could feel my heart,
Why did you leave?
Couldn’t you wait until I woke up?
I’m sorry I couldn’t,
I loved you too,
Although I couldn’t be with you,
I’m sorry you weren’t my lover,
Love of mine was outside,
I’m sorry for leaving you,
Someone was waiting for me,
I’m sorry I ain’t your soulmate,
All this time I was pretending,
I know you thought I loved you,
Yes I did love you,
Although you weren’t whom I needed,
I’m sorry I wasted your time,
I hope you’ll forgive me,
I know you’ll fall in love again,
Happiness you’ll find,
I know you are hurt,
I’m sorry I can’t mend your heart,
Your next lover will heal you,
I’m gone for good,
Please never come back,
What we had was priceless,
I know I left you with sadness,
Someday you’ll forget me,
You’ll be happy again,
Love will be your parturition,
I’ll be far gone from your heart,
I hope you’ll forgive who I am,
Your love was a treasure,
I’m sorry I couldn’t be your love culture,
Lover of yours will be your only isle.