Profound stories born from
Hearts of men told by souls
Who became teachers and learners
Of life and when the storms leave
Rooms for calmness, the immortal
Mightiness of time’s hands, prevails.

Cries of mother nature, seeing her
Spiritual sons getting buried
Within graves beneath ponds of blood,
Her womb, the devil is piercing
Leaving holes it’s like she is exhausted.

What was born, is becoming like hay
New days are clones of god’s reality
Their essence has forgotten ancestral
Ways. Ways leading to a haven of humanity
Where the power sought, was for protection
Of what we claim god has made and not
To destroy god’s art thíeves in Eden!

Stealing from god’s garden
It’s holes they leave beneath
Thieves in Eden! Manipulating humanity
To sin, to sin, in the names of gods created
From their science’s arguments
It is bombs, they throw
It’s blood, they spill
It’s the innocent, they kill.
Thieves in Eden!

Crucifying real Messiahs avoiding to
Confront the devil in their lifetime,
By postponing the prophecy. Thieves in
Eden! Architecting Servitudes
So, they can be treated like gods
In their heaven called Babylon.