They’re trying to confuse us,
Not to focus on real issues,
Issues that are affecting us.
They’re changing us,
Challenging our brains,
They’re teaching us hate,

I’ve read the history of
Apartheid from different books
and it’s totally different
To what we see on screens
For example look at the likes
Of Sarafina, Long Walk to Freedom, Solomon Mahlangu’s story etc.
They’re all totally different from
What we were taught at school, told at home by our grandparents,
What we read,
And what we see now.
It’s just a confusion.

They teach us hate,
Lies about our faith,
About our roots and originality of the state

Time to wake up, black child,
You’ve been clueless for too long,
Lost and misled,
The Bible you pray on ain’t yours,
Go ask your home’s prayer,
You’ve been through a lot.
Ill-treated and intimidated by those in power,
The time has come for you to take back that power
It was meant for you anyway.

Take it back before they get away.
Before they run away,
Do this now as I say,
Kneel down and pray,
Ease the wrath of your ancestors
Beg for strength, courage and wisdom
Beg for their protection as this journey is still a long way.

I, Hector Bululu, fail to
Abide by the law against black history
Since we and our parents, we told lies.
I believe that
Our kids deserve to know the truth,

I therefore ask and plead with the South African Department of Education
for our own History at our schools,
history of African people,
In fact history of black South African people,
History of Pedi, Mpondo, Tsonga, Ndebele, Sotho, Swati, my Xhosa people.
History of our Ancestors
In that way we can find peace

They teach us hate,
Hate hold of misery.