They say a lot of things I can’t process and comprehend.
They say I’m disrespectful when I speak the truth;
That I’m inconsiderate when I put myself first,
And that I’m rude when I’m being real.

They say I talk too much when I ask questions
They don’t have the answers to;
That I should be more independent when I ask for their help,
They mock and paint me black just to make the rest of the world
See me through their eyes.
They say I’m always moody and boring when I’m depressed.

They say a lot of things that scathe, scare, and torment my soul:
That I am an unapologetic bastard and will reap what I sow.
They say a lot of things I could never say back to them,
Some of which I can’t even recall.

They say I’ll die poor and full of regrets
Just because our paths don’t meet at the crossroads;
That my views don’t matter and no one asked for my advice.
They also say that I am incompetent and should never compete,
I fear if I listen I’ll never be complete
And live my life completely as I please.
They say I should put my pride aside when I am most proud of myself.
They say a lot of things I wish I’d never heard them say.

They say all these negative things to me in high hopes
That I’ll quit and have an early retirement from life.
They say this and that, which irritates and makes my ears
Want to regurgitate all they’ve said.
They say this and that, which makes me think they suffer
From verbal diarrhoea.