Yes they can.
They can make it
If they know what they want
They’re able to cope
When they know the reward
Look at the good results they produce
When promised awards
It makes it clear
That they always need something
To pave a way forward
Yes, it’s obvious that they do need
Some reinforcement
Something that will make them
Work for an achievement

We know it’s all about them,
It’s their education,
It’s their future

But they need random motivation
They need to be told facts about education
The main reasons they are in these institutions
The importance of education
As their future preparation
Learners are not the same
But they all have a vision
A vision to succeed and have a profession
What they need is thorough, close supervision
Without being monitored,
They cannot accomplish the mission

Yes, they are able

They can succeed if they know
That education needs perseverance
What matters is that they accept
Educators’ surveillance
Working together as groups
And consulting intellectuals for help
Will augment their performance
The love for their books and education
Should be their first preference
That would enhance
Their level of understanding and intelligence