They never notice our pain,
They never hear our cries
Wait… our cries!
I forgot, men don’t cry
I doubt they even feel pain
But even a giant falls when slain

What do we call it
When a wife beats her husband?
Is it still abuse as in women,
Or is it just a woman
Punishing her dog?
“Men are dogs”
I’ve heard that slogan

I’ve seen a man
At a police station,
Laying charges against his wife
“What did you do to get this beating?”
They laughed, not seeing the man’s pain
“Go and fix things with your wife,”

I’ve seen a woman
At a police station,
Laying charges against her husband
“Show us to your house,”
They stopped their activity,
And all to the woman shown pity

I’ve seen a man kill himself,
I’ve seen men killing their families,
All because of a woman
If a woman kills a man,
“Maybe he beat her,”
They’d guess

And a man kills a woman
“Men are so cruel,”
They’d say
“This is what women go through,
Men have no shame, they’re dogs,”
They’d concluded