These words
they contain wisdom.

With them, I declare victory
over my life.

I prophecy of peace
with most men.
I give thanks and praise
my Maker

These words
come from the heart

With them, I inspire
Both men and women
I encourage kids to dream big
I speak blessings over them
I give credit where it is due.

These words
they bring healing

Through them
I empathise with the weak
And broken-hearted

I speak the truth about
and apologise
where I am wrong

These words give hope

With them, I bring tears of joy
and laughter

Sometimes just a smile
to those who suffer

You may have noticed
I haven’t mentioned mere money
or any special gifts

It is only with my words
that I can truly help change
The World

My words reflect who I am
My inner man

That space where my secrets dwell

These words
Are all I have
They can determine my destiny

That’s why I honour
Every one of them