Her name shouts in eyes of men
But her heart burns on pains she had.
Her smile holds palms of heart,
But no one realises how her heart is hurt.
She sends scents to many hearts
But her heart is broke.
She owns the fake smile
But she never realises how to smile without smoke.
She walks on looks
But she troubles her own looks.
She spills hearts to her only
But she consoles her soul with skimpy skirts,
She believes in fake love because
She is used to being loved by fake hearts.
She uses sunsets to reveal herself,
She never finds her real self but self-love is lost.
Loneliness is what hosts her,
The world she dreamt of is lost.
Her petals on heart,
Settle for things she doesn’t own:
She never lives in presence.
She has her heart tamed with fake smile,
She thinks in miles,
She mostly feels framed by her looks
But she is lame to look after her real self.
She owns self-hugs that she lost from many hearts,
She suppresses herself to fit, with nothing to fit.
Love is what she hankers for
But she never reaches real heart,
She is hurt by her own decisions.