As I left home this morning
I was broken to my core
Having questions draining my core
What will I bring my siblings?
What is lacking in the house that I can offer?
I knew it’s my responsibility
As a grown up, little grown
I have to get a gown
To own my crown
There is a promise to my siblings, family, community and those watching from miles
I am the confidence to their hearts
A rock holding their unseen to seen
A vision, light to their sight
I have a purpose to define.

I saw you in a plane
With soldiers all over your lane
Guards, as if there are criminals around you!
Could it be much safer if you could walk like a free man?
Your people are not born with a sin
It is a sin in the world making them to sin
Hunger, poverty, joblessness…
Mr President…
There is a nation behind your image
There is a graduate in the dusty villages waiting for your action
There is a mother selling bananas in the streets
Taking her children to school
To what she foresees as a promise to touch dreams
I will be lying if I can tell the world
That you owe us jobs
But you owe us a better country
A country where I won’t need a coin
A coin to speak for my CV

You are our messenger
There is a nation behind your image.

Reflect the best
Subject in every subject
Don’t break the bones yet
Don’t crash papers
They will be a pepper of your need
There are bulks
Singing and dancing
Behind your image.