We eat, drink, work, and walk
We fight, cry, enjoy, and talk
Wishes and dreams
It is a pillar of our hope
When it is well with us
We smile from the pocket of our soul
Where everyone can see the teeth of our hearts
When days are dark
We beat our heart with sorrow
And all of these we say it is life;
But I say it’s a written bible of life
No one can read it.

Life is a hard stone to break
It’s a light dark race
An unstoppable rotation
Life is complicated
Like a channel of water
Sometimes it runs out;
Sometimes it’s filled up;
Life is a grace
It is a wind which cannot stand
But runs to and fro
Without direction

It is an unsolved question
Where one cannot choose the way
To drive through
It is an unsolved number pattern
It is always approximate
Life is a mirror
Only reflects what is inside
It is a miracle number
On which one can bet
It is an untold story
No one can narrate it
It is a shadow
Life is an unreadable book
It is like a smoke out of fire
It ends out of blue
We think we’re in control of it,
But it is the driver of every single soul
Life it is a written story of God
And everyone is playing
His or her part.