New in a strange place
They say the world is spherical
And God is everywhere at anytime
So if this is so
I should be able to call anywhere I dwell home
Because I am made in His image,
So why not call the whole universe my?
Home, my spirit is in likeness with my Father
Strange sense I know

When I open my eyes to this world I feel like a pagan in a pilgrimage
Like I landed up in a rival tribe’s village
The ambience so hostile and the wind whispering
“Who are you?”
Cold eyes analysing me
And this place is cold
Voices in mumbles
As I walk past
Slowly and uncertain
Wanting to ask for a way back home
But afraid to reveal my origin

I realise home is inexistent
And I am not at all divine enough
To be everywhere at anytime
Like I’m new in a strange place
Strange sensing, I know