The world is sick, full of
Pain and sorrows stuffs are
Getting worse, and turned
Around in the presence of
Our existence, the world
Is falling apart and seemed
to be formless

The evil deception is amongst
The massive yet mankind are so
Intelligent and prosperous,
The universe is uncontrollable
And the sickness is upon it.

We observe the human incarnate
Battles, the world is continually
Getting ill. We can call it “the
End time” however we don’t know,
Merely, because time is not ours
Death is upon the face of the
World and alcoholism attacks the

It’s a symbolic illness of the
Universe it seems like there is
No hope, because we can project
The inferiority of our future

How can the world become so sick,
Yet we have special doctors? How
Can the youth be lost yet we have
So great teachers and mentors?
How can the young stars lack
Respect, yet we have so great

How can the deception exist,
Yet we have so great theologises?
And how shall we escape if we
Neglect so great salvation?

O’Lord! Have mercy upon the
Universe! The world is sick
And need to be delivered.