The word, love, is easy to pronounce.
The word, love, took away our youths’ virginity.
The word, love, came up with uncured diseases.
The word, love, came up with unplanned children.

Where is that old country that uses the word, love, properly?
Is it the love that we are seeking – the love of money?
Oh, no! The word love came up with tragedy!
Some children are called orphans today because of you, love.
There are funerals each and every day because of the word, love.

If you, love, give our people the meaning of the word
Everything will be stable.
These days our youth are half blinded and stereotyped because of you, love.

How come an adult falls in love with an immature child.
How are you going to mend those broken hearts.
I am speechless, love, because you’ve already taken away
what we value the most,

The word love!