Summer breeze
Windy chills
On a sunny day I heard
The wind cry Mary
Mary, Mary
Would you marry me?
She passes through

I heard
Seasons talk
I am
Just eavesdropping
As she started walking
Trees wiggling
Leaves falling
Like it’s autumn

From top to bottom
Attempting to follow her
And then a heap
The ground catches
Just like how quick
My heart catches
Fond feelings
Like I’ve been juggling emotions

The wind cries Mary
She changes the ocean
Tides beginning a motion
Waves showing emotions
Waters dance in devotion
Splishy splash
Who’s this fine lady
Looking so fresh
Ocean breeze, still

The wind cries Mary
In the midst of the forest
A sweet melody breaks
Imbibing joyfully in the moment
Birds singing
Real sweet to be honest
A song accompanying her
Like words of a sonnet

Mary, Mary
Would you marry me?
A finch whispers on her shoulder
Pinch me am I okay
Blood gushing down my veins
It’s a circus inside my brain
I feel my heart stopping again
I’m lost for words to say

She passes by
My lips begin to jam
My voice stuttering again
And the wind blew
As it cries Mary
Mary, Mary
Would you marry me
Reasons are copious
But only one defines
Why I fell for you
The wind cries Mary