Behind these walls

As I sit here, with a pen and paper
Thinking of life’s parable
Thinking of the melodramatic imbroglio I’ve been in
Animus grows like a watered plant from death.
As I sit here my spirit is dead.
Behind these walls lies a grave of the innocent gone girl
I buried the day I welcomed anxiety to the party.

Behind these walls is a fake smile
Is a pathetic, sad little girl
Hiding a million scars behind the mask called smile

There are things about me that nobody knows
Which can’t be said through a poem or prose
The wars I’m fighting behind these walls never see the light
Nobody knows I’m slowly dying inside

Insomnia attacks me every day
And I would try to count stars,
But my mind is too selfish, for all it does
Is count reasons why I can’t fall asleep

I’ve been forcing myself to sleep,
To avoid the emptiness inside me.
My body is literally aching, because
Depression forever tells me to lie in bed
And feel sorry for the young I was once