When she speaks, who dares to speak?
When she walks, who will also walk?
Formidably and fixed to the ground
Is she just like a rock.
But we, looking fresh to all, yet seriously sick,
Speaking out among the crowd, aye! We seem so still.

In time like this let’s bell the cat,
This song was sung many a year back,
Like a bird singing over and over,
Enveloped in pain and grief is Our Skylark,
Endlessly hovers and hovers!
Should it remain forever in the freaks?

Who can dare and not err
If not me and you? Our timidity
Keeps her long stay in our vicinity,
Today she comes, tomorrow so she goes
Mute we are, hence bear the loads!
She lived life, leaves hoping to be back
We, we tall and thin, suffer, lark and lack
Silenced we are, perhaps, it means yes!
But back there in our minds, enclosed in cells.

Who shall bell the cat?
Who will chase the royal rats?
And not get pierced through the heart?
But a voice, clear voice can do it fast,
Three, two, one clear call, I know it will last,
But who and who are first to speak?
And how hours shall it reach the peak?
Aye! A voice is needed and now to be included,
Trust when a flood full comes won’t be eroded.

A voice of courage, cry of our hearts,
Like the voice of Awos’ which stayed,
Showed and not in shadow!

A voice of courage with many entourages,
Among all other his not in haze,
He bells the cat and chases the rats,
Just to rule but suffered for the truth.
But as for us mouth shut seeing them loot,
But still…hope to hear more voices,
Not as that of hell, yet, I pray it rushes,
A clear call voices of compatriots!
Though, pressed and passing through hells.
Alas! Let it flourish, never green nor garnished
Let it be echoed, among all our fellows now,
The voice of courage!