The First World War was fought
Our hopes sagged like electric cables in hot summer
A million lives went to the soil
The terror ceased after some years
Thereafter the world was shaken again
Hitler’s reign, the Second World War
Holocaust Jews’ lives got a death shock
The Pearl Harbor attack follows a tragic story
Oooo! Atomic bomb, Japanese gasping for survival
In 1945 the war ended
Life sparked again

But this war!
Unfathomable it is
It has transcended human minds
It has turned the world into turmoil
Agitating the innocent lives
Oooh! It has no boundary for even soldiers die
How unremitting it is
Falling faster than water in waterfall
We are now precarious with it.

Inside human pleasure
It finds its treasure
And through that it spreads like fire in oxygen’s presence
Contact is its way of multiplication
If you kiss it spreads death with its kisses
Hugging? It also hugs in an unusual way
Massaging it will massacre your lives
If you eat unhygienically now you are its appetiser
What a terminator it is
It enters easily in those joyful moments
Magnifying way to the graveyard

Father the Almighty
Who art in heaven
Let your power come and unjeopardise us
For we are in jeopardy
When danger strikes we fight and flee
But to this war we are flightless birds among lions
Turn your righteous hand, free us
Father do as your Scriptures say in Psalm 46:1
God is your refuge and strength
A very pleasant help in trouble
We are tired of this CORONA war Almighty Amen