I may neither what you expected me to be, nor am I good-looking in your face.
If I were to choose where to die I would in your lips.
From long ago, I knew she was the one but things were complicated.

As time went on from days to months I gathered myself together then I went to approach her about my feelings for her.
It’s funny because it took the whole day to convince her to be my girlfriend but it was worth it, because she agreed.
Now the problem is that she doesn’t trust me ‘cause she says I am ‘dating’ someone else
I didn’t take it seriously because I thought she was playing games with me but as months turned into years I realised that she wasn’t joking.
She was truly mad about me.
Now the question is what shall I do?
I love her with all my remaining heart but being a second choice feels like a game, maybe to end the sourness I should find myself a first choice girlfriend.
What do you think?
Shall I move on or try to make my way back to her?