My love, my love I am yours…
Divinely fated, our union enhances the sun’s glow.
In humble salutations, my knees break in honour of you.
Visions of that fateful day of marital bliss I received by day and by night.
My love, my love. Indeed I’m yours.
My love is yours and you, mine.
Oh how he rejoiced, looked up towards heavens and praised the Ancient Holy Divine Supremacy for his missing ‘rib’ portion (his love mate)
My love my love ‘no more’
My love my love, sour
Sweet, ‘no more’
It’s a few moons later, hers are bended knees down my throat in verbal combat.
Gleaming sun has turned a black night and blood moon.
The night comes with a dreadful tremors which penetrate his bones and marrow.
What of the heart?
Oh! Well Ceased palpitations, alarms and affirm the death of love.
Visions have become day-nightmares of falling into a bottomless inferno.
Gazing into the mirror, he curses his reflection and the day he met her.
My love my love ‘I’m yours.
My love my love, ‘whoopee do’.