I travelled the world;
I was not searching for you,
But you found me.
I fell in love with you,
But I kept it within me.

One day we travelled together,
You confessed your love to me
You’ve never stopped looking at me,
Trying to understand me from a distance:
How quiet I am,
Different from all humans in the whole world,
Forever-smiling lady!
But you couldn’t get a chance to talk to me.

The travel!
I ran out of words,
Deep down I know I love him too,
But what will the world say?
I love him with all his flaws,
He’s quite a gentleman too
But I love him

I love you!!
He outshines everything he touches,
Even me!
He promised to never leave me.
I felt protected!
None will understand though

He fought for our love,
Day and night. Day and night.
Oh how I dearly love him.
He asked for my hand in marriage,
I said yes!
The travel!!!
We fell in love as we travelled together.
The travel