The tears of a man are stronger
Than those of a woman.
The man in front of you will
Act as if he is happy but
Deep inside he feels lot of pain.

If it was him who was wrong he will
Apologise for his action
But if you don’t know how to forgive
Him; from you he will be gone.
The tears of a man will break you down.
The tears of a man won’t show in
His eyes but in his actions.

Sometimes you will miss his silly jokes.
Sometimes you will miss him
Holding you in his strong arms.
Sometimes you will miss his kissing
Your lips and even his intimacy.
You will wonder why you didn’t
Forgive while you still had a chance!

Those are the tears of man.
He will distance himself from you
Because he still loves you.

He may be not there anymore
When you need him but he will
Be one of your best memories.

The tears may fall off your eyes
Because you still miss those moments.
Some songs will remind you of him
But you will never again see him.

Some nights you will cry yourself to
Sleep just because you still miss him.
You may fall in love with someone
Else but he will never be exactly like him.

You will wonder where he is,
You will wonder maybe where he is, whether he is happy!
Maybe where he is; is he with someone else?
Those are the tears of a man….