Every morning and evening
The Widow waits by the window
She anticipates the sight of her love
Her soldier, who has yet to return.

She often spoke about wartime stories
It was a difficult time for many, I’m told
The world was at war and chaos ensued
Families torn apart, ripped at the seams
The world became a place filled with the echoes of broken dreams.

Her love.
Her soldier was shipped off to war
She patiently waited for his return
But that day she never saw, yet she waited
As time passed, her patience ran with the ship on a dock.
The ticking of the clock and her waiting drove her slowly insane.

She wrote letters to a ghost
But to no avail, no reply.
With every unanswered message
A tear filled her eye
And a part of her hopeful
Heart painfully died

Until one fateful, peaceful night
A familiar soul came to visit.
The soldier’s face re-emerged
In the heart of the Widow
He awoke her from her restless slumber
Her memories of her Soldier
Came flooding into the passion
Of the night.

She knew he would come
She believed he would.
Surrounded by darkness, in the cold of the night.
Her Soldier was her guiding light

The two lovers revisited their youth, once again.
They danced across the night sky
Hid amongst the stars
And caressed each other in
The beauty of the full moon’s glow.
Forever and ever, the held onto each other
On that everlasting night.

As soon as dawn broke,
The widow never awoke
The nurses knew she had passed
The face of the Widow was lit
And youthful pressed with a smile.
Her time had passed, at peace at last.

She went while waiting for the one she loved the most
He fetched her, at last.
Farewell, she kissed the past

So, every night on the grass I lie,
Staring into the dark abyss of the night sky
Filled with stars resembling a firefly
Against the backdrop of the full moon’s glow and gleam
The dance of the Widow and her Soldier, I know, I have seen.