The symphony of a sunken romantic
Before tonight I have known no true beauty.
Your smile is painted with sorrows and glitters
With a spark of a radiant star.

Please allow my words not to cause a war.
I see…
Goosebumps on flesh
I feel the heat,
The soft tender tips
Of your lips
Have got me wondering,
From your tits to your hips
I have witnessed beauty undisputed.

As for the lights, you do shame them.
Your cheeks and your hips
Forget not your lips,
A confession have I to make.

I’m no Romeo but I believe in fairytales.
I believe in the kinda “pick me up, spin me around
and run your tiny fingers up and down my ribs
till I feel the heat all over my toes,
my veins and into my mind” fairtytale
Yes, I believe it.

I believe in love so effortless that,
“I love you,” is like the slogan of our very own being.
“I hate you, I never wanna see you again!”
The graffiti of our own misunderstandings
Mingled with the fumes and glitters
Of our imperfections brought together
In a covalently
Harmonious bondage.

If your love be a smoke that fumes
As the incense of fermented mealies,
Then I wanna seal it with a kiss and a thousand smiles.

Choke you with the banner of compassion,
Love you with a love so hard to resist
A kiss so warm that you’d insist,
Please don’t hesitate.

All your feelings allow me to emancipate.

To great heights
Even the slightest sights
I’m pleased to see.
The sides of your cheeks
Warm my heart.

When you move
Your body sways
Like a rope on a chandelier
In a summer breeze,
I swear I cannot breathe.
It’s your kiss that sends me
Cardiac arrested.
My foolishness is portrayed
My stupidity, serenity and clumsiness
Caress in the scattered bit
Of my brokenness
Made whole in your affection.

I’ve got no red-bat
But I put a bet to love you
Through good and bad.

I swear not by the moon and the stars
But by the wind that blows your hair
If love be pain, then pain is beautiful.
My hands shake, this is heaven on earth.
Under the dim lights I toss and turn
Hoping my love is the only subject
You will ever learn.

I wanna love you like
I have never known love before,
So much that it’d even make me jealous
Of my own relentlessness and my incompetence
To relinquish this heavenly torture
I, the name of God and the devil
My sweet companion.