As I push to succeed
A force supresses me
As I thrive for betterment
There’s power holding me backward

I fight till my blood drops
Fighting for the freedom of my breath
Fighting for the liberty of my soul
Fighting to break the chains captivating my spirit

I’ve reached my melting point
Will I observe the turning point
A point which I know nothing of
where I drop further
Till I perceive the ends of the sea
Till I witness the lower grounds of the ocean

Till I reach the stomach of the earth
Till I feel the wrath of the underworld
Or is it a better turn
Where I will speed to my boiling point
In which I’m pumped up with strength
Where I will run and not weary

Where I will conquer
Till I tire
Till I see no more of my adversaries
Till I feel the power of prosperity
Till the force of attraction
Listens to my direction
Pointing out to the universe

To bring forth a rain of blessings
To blow the trumpets of victory
Till I struggle to find words
Describing the delight within
The bright light shining
Penetrating from within to the sight of the world.