Can you feel my sadness, my pain?
Can you see my tears?
I cry everyday non-stop
When I think of you
I wish my heart would stop

You’ve left me with a bleeding heart
A red face and red eyes
I’ve lost hope in life
I wish I could end this life
Go to people who will love me

Who will give me unconditional love
I am tired of this pain
What have I done to deserve this pain
I never thought one day we’d be apart
I remember when you said forever
I now know you meant never

I am sitting in the dark
Trying to remember your last words
But I can’t remember them
Because of tears coming out of my eyes
You used to say
One day the storm will come

It will bring pain and sadness
It will leave shadow and scars
Indeed the storm came and took you
And left us with broken heart and soul