Everything has a sound.
Some things have a sound but this,
It’s a sound of silence that no one can hear but they can feel.
I don’t want them to be scared.

Pain I feel but I’m in silence
I suffer a lot but I’m silent
I cry and am angry but in silence
Because in silence there is no sound
But you can feel it.

Tough times come and go
Happiness comes and goes
Anger destroys our good hearts
We weren’t born evil
But silent sound makes us be evil.

Think about others what they will feel?
We don’t want them to suffer

Suffer like us, cry like us

Focus on us we want to stay strong

To be strong in front of them

Pain is pain that you can’t share with anyone,
We hate to disappoint
It’s bad to disappoint the one you love.
We pretend to be strong
We pretend to smile a fake smile

But when you are alone at night
Sitting on the bed looking
Outside the window at the sky full of stars
We pray to be strong

To be strong for them to not see us suffer.

At that moment we have tears in our eyes
But we don’t make a sound
We cry in silence
We scream in silence.
Pain is hard because you carry it
Even if you see it’s destroying you

You keep carrying it until you get used to it.
Pain is my baby
I can laugh, I can have fun
But deep down I feel sometimes
That it is too hard to tell
Only myself and silence can handle it.