Sitting down on the rock,
On top of the mountain, pen in hand.
Drawing the flower that’s next to me.
In my ears I hear the sound of nature, birds are singing.
I can hear the sound of a waterfall.

Wind is coming across me,
The day is shining and sky is blue.
It’s peaceful and too good.
Playing music at low volume.
Thinking about what’s next.
Thinking about pain and suffering.

The past made us who we are today
The future is in front of me.
In life I have loved, cried, and been scared
I tried to give up but no.
Now I’m hearing the sound of nature,
That guides me into direction.

The wind started now the nature is speaking to me
I can see the leaves
Flow with wind giving me direction
I’m wondering what they’re trying to say,
I follow the direction where it goes, it’s guided me.
It lends me to the talking tree,
I didn’t believe at first.

Talking tree told me go where the sun shines
Even if the sun goes through storms to go there.
I didn’t believe and I woke up.
Wow I had a dream I fell sleep when I was drawing
When I looked up

The clouds were moving in that moment I knew
That my destination is where the sun shines because
If I continued staying on the rock the storm would’ve destroyed me.

So this poem is talking about life
It wants you to believe in your dream.
Go where the sun shines in order to be successful in life
And keep staying strong.