I remember when I was a child, with no worries nor responsibility in life
Until you came into my life
You and only you
I remember how you fooled me and promised me the luxuries of this world
You promised a life that never even existed, for what?
Just so I could be yours?
I was blinded by your so-called love
I ended up breaking the hearts of those who meant no harm to me

I remember! I remember!
I remember the day you left me and never came back
I remember how fond I grew of you, how I used to stand by your side and defend you in front of those who planned evil against you.
I now know that you used me just so you could fulfil your desires
You left a hole in me that will never heal nor close up.

I remember your laughter, your smile, and your scent
You were all I could’ve asked for
With you I could be myself and never had to pretend
You used to be the source of my strength, the pillar of my heart
We used to share everything together and secure our bond, but not anymore

You failed me, you failed to strengthen our relationship and decided to choose your foe over me
I remember how you used to touch me, those magical kisses of yours that you threw all over my body.
I remember those historical moments where you comforted me and assured me that all would be well.
Those days where I’d feel like life had given up on me but you were still there for me
I remember how we used to fight and fight as if there was no tomorrow
But you’d still bow down on your knee and plead for my forgiveness even if I was the one at fault.

I remember!
Don’t think my silence is my weakness.