It was a dark night,
The sky pregnant with
Dark clouds wandering
Thunderstorm moaning
And preparing to strike
The lights went off
Birds stopped twittering,
Clock-watch stopped rotating
There was silence everywhere

A call came in directing the
Unpleasant news, that the
Angel has left us
Abundant salty tears flowed
On both cheeks
These were not just tears but
Tears that symbolised sadness,
Loss, unconditional love
Most of all acceptance

What shattered my heart
The most was the mere
Fact that she’s gone
Gone to the silent land
She’s gone with her exquisite smile
Her fond looks lastly
She’s gone with her generosity.

I took a moment and knelt down
Thanked God for taking her away
From us which is

The pain that she was going
Through was very horrific
Seeing her struggling to get
Through the day, the sleepless
Nights, it felt like torture.

But wherever she is now
She must be rejoicing as her
Beautiful soul has finally
Rested in peace.