I wonder not ‘cause I know regret lives on my face.
I try to walk tall but the ground keeps pulling my head.
Mixed visuals erupting like landmines in my mind.
Keep blaming myself can’t forgive myself I had cut my own hand.
The night still vivid,
I can smell the blood in the air,
The shattered glass on my face like ashes
of what used to be blown by the wind.

What I lost haunts my dreams, it broke my

Oh how the mighty have fallen,
with my being that has been stolen.
I have lost a part of me it can never be returned to me,
I have no one to blame
‘cause my thumb is always pointing right back at me.

I try to forget but the pain is deep as the ocean.
I so wish to find a portion,
maybe just maybe this could be an illusion.

When I look in the mirror, it staring back at me
I just feel knives piercing my heart sucking life out of me.
The rage I can’t stand so my eyes fall away from the mirror.

I try to block out what I see but it keeps staring back
I hate the scare on my face.
I so wish it could be anywhere else.