Wave after wave,
Stroke after every stroke
The river flows on.

She hath many secrets,
Interspersed deep within her currents
Each whisper riffs with wave after wave
Over the rocky, sturdy cliffs.

The river stands still for no one
Rocky Mountain looks down upon her
Knowing very well
She will never reveal her secrets
To the unsuspecting vulturous thieves.

She has been hurt many times
Her heart sighs
As the wind howls violently at night.

“What are you saying to me old friend?
Is this the end?
Will I never find happiness again?”

Rugged Wind shakes his head
Milky Lane shrugs her shoulders
To her dear friend.

“You must carry on, dear friend,
“Leave that hurt and pain behind.”

Sandy Shoreline gives Rainy River a hug.
“It’s okay dear friend, okay to cry.”
They embrace.

“All of us here are your friends.
We are all here for you.
You will never be alone.
We’ll keep you safe through the storms
We’ll carry you with us till the end.”

Rainy River wipes away a few tears streaming down with a bittersweet smile.

“Thank you dear friends.
It’s been a long, lonely journey,
I’m glad to have you all as my friends.”

Rainy river looks up to Shining Stars
They smile back at her
With their beautiful twinkling sparks.

Never will she be capped
Never can she be stolen
She attacks easily if danger nears its head.

She never leaves behind tracks
As she swipes them away
With her seaprints
She smooths all evidence

And once again
She sets out to sea…