What has the world turned into?
I pen this down without an intro
I come bearing the ripe fruits of a Godly message
A scream for the righteous to remain with the faith
A cry for the unrighteous to change their ways
The righteous stand accused and abused
The unrighteous stand praised and recognised
Money is at the tip of the tongues of many withered minds
The deceit they deliver turns and twists about the earth like monsoon winds

The lights of many have turned into dark empty rooms.
The rights of many have been exploited and brushed aside with brooms.
The righteous are healthy seeds that arise like dust.
The righteous plant the greatest trees that are covered with honey crust.
The uproar of the righteous radiates the eardrums of the unrighteous.
Their ears become deaf to the truth.
Their eyes get lost in the lies.
Their focus is on money and evil ties.

What has the world turned into again?
Into a pit of pain and fabricated ‘trees’ that make people go insane?
Into a place of misery and forgery?
So many bodies have found their way to mortuaries.
So many souls have found their way to hospital beds.
The evil is penetrating the minds of many souls.
The pure is motivating and exercising the brains.
Many righteous brains chose ‘woke’.
Whilst the unrighteous brains chose ‘fake’.
Check me I am not a duplicate.
Search my soul and be free.
Taste my aura it is sweet.
In positivity I feed.
In negativity, I flee.
A dope young soul,
I write dope with no foul.
A new age, a new wave with new nouns.
A born again, a born free with dope norms.
I write freely fill my words in your forms.