What am I to do?
I ask the critics of this life,
Justifying myself and saying to them
I’m ready to fight,
To stand my ground and not take flight.
Never disregarding the fact
That I come from the ghetto
So all I can do is fight.

Wait, does that even sound right?
Who is he that knows wrong or right
In this day and age…
I’m looked down upon for not thinking but doing.
Heavy thoughts sometimes distort our minds.
So forgive me for reacting
Without the need to foresee the reaction.

In fact, scratch that!!
I forgive you for forgetting
That being able to forget
Is one of the characteristics of living.
In this 26th century our world tends to contradict itself.
Abortion is a sin, they say.
But is it if we give our child
An example of a disobiedient mind?
How do we live in disguise?
Patience is a virtue but at what price?
Curiosity is still killing cats,
Why aren’t we facing the facts?
Are we too busy nursing our pets?
Humanity is in debt for depriving us
Ways of learning on our own,
Thinking that what the system knows
Is what we’ve always known.
We just need clarifications
Over laptops and phones.