The reminder of wasted time,
It serves to remind that each moment counts
And sometimes not everything lost
Can be recovered.

The reminder of the broken glass
Can remind you that some things shuttered
Cannot be put back
Death reminds us
We do not always have surety and guarantee
Of life.
But all we have is there to remind us
When we provided to live let us live.

Joy reminds us that sadness is there as a thief,
We are not taken for granted.
Forgiveness is there to remind us
Hate has not healed any man.
Lack reminds us that having it all
Is not an entitlement but privilege.

Being ashamed and embarrassed reminds us;
We will not always be right
but we owe it to humanity to keep sharing our lives
whether we’re esteemed good or bad

It reminds me of one question
When can ever we be judges for good without being subjective?
Mistakes reminds us that nothing is to be taken for granted.

Carelessness reminds us that things do fall apart
When we are not conscious enough to be mindful.
A new day reminds us we can always start all over again
That’s if we really want to rebuild the life
That either we lost or took for granted.
What does each day remind you?