When I saw the flower
I intentionally leaped through with my little light
To vividly see this rare nature symbol
It is a flower, a beautiful one indeed
I am the ray of sun
I myself take hold of the significance of nature
I had never seen such…

As young as I am, yet so open-minded
With my inner-self bruised and longing to heal
Yes! I am the ray
But I had no motivation,
No inspiration to know my worth in the solar system
I was meant to give light
But it seemed darkness demanded a place
As I watched the flower
It fed me its divine fruit
I tremendously hunger for its produce
I choose to swallow everything it gives out
It is my hope

It polished me with its petals
It truly made me smile
Day by day I carry on knowing the flower is there
And I tightly hold on to its rigid stem
All because I believe
I believe in that!
Which is why I never want to let go
Because at this very moment, I have found myself,
I have found myself, I have found my light
I have managed to convince the sun to once again
Welcome me to the family, our strong partnership
I am healed and it has become that constant reminder
For myself to shine bright with my light
I pray each and every day
That the flower blooms more and even more
I will stay focused and strong
With the flower feeding my soul and giving me peace inside my heart
I shall remain bright and prosperous