She was the queen of my dreams
The girl I used to see when I sleep
From the first time I saw her
I knew she would be my soul to keep
The beauty of her eyes
It’s like she never cries
And the smile of her mouth
It’s like she utters no lies

Days went by and we were in the depths of love
But the serpent of Eden arrived deceived her,
And now my heart she has deprived

It was lies after lies
Then the pain after love lies
Tears the heart and reveals scars
This heart never knew what pain was
But lies turned it into a liquor of tears

She was the queen of my heart
Took me into skies with no limit
Love floated, love fallen, hearts broken,
Wounds awoken and scars open

Drunk in love I scream
But blinded by love it seem
The love that reached far parts of this heart
Turned to be the one that torn it apart

I thought what we had was true love
But your intentions were far above
To love you I tried
In return you lied
And gave lust with symptoms of love