A little girl once made a promise to herself
that she vowed to never forget:
To chase her dreams
and stay beautiful inside and out,
no matter what challenges she faced.
She’d never lose the memory
of who she was and the vow she made,
regardless of success, failure or fame.
That same little girl became a striking woman,
successful and independent.
The difference between her and all the rest?
She didn’t sell her soul to make it to the top.
She fought, clawed and sacrificed
every step of the way.
The most amazing part of this fierce woman?
She kept that little girl’s promise
to always remain true to who she was.
She helped the others that the crowd shunned.
She picked up the fallen and carried them
until they could carry themselves.
Never forgotten were her beginnings,
never lost was her vow made so long ago.
Those who crossed her path could only wonder
what it was that made this woman so deeply beautiful.
She realized a long time ago that beauty
– true beauty –
wasn’t something that depended
on make-up, clothes or looks.
It would always be so much deeper than that.
Deep and lasting beauty was the soulful kind
and that’s the most lasting and impactful beauty of all.
The others may have mastered
make-up, hair and clothes,
but her inward beauty far outshone the rest.
She would always be beautiful
in her heart and soul
in the ways the others couldn’t
and didn’t understand.
She had that special something that defied description
– the depth of her that many could never see.
The passion of her heart,
the radiance of her soul,
the courage of her spirit.
You’d never mistake the fierce beauty
that she was in all the ways that mattered most.
She didn’t need fancy clothes or make-up
to leave her mark on the people she touched.
She was unforgettable to both men and women,
for the ones that glimpsed the sparkle in her eyes
and brilliance of her soul.
If you ever met her,
and truly saw her for the person she was,
that’s when you realized what most missed.
She didn’t need a spotlight,
she shined from within.