How precious you are
More valuable than iron ore
Flourishing in and out of season
Because Jesus is your reason
Unfading beauty in you, ablaze
Your strength is recharged when you pray
On the Master is your gaze
Gloriously, you were moulded
Like gold, to bring forth your beauty
As He patiently crafted you and you unfolded

You are crowned with glory and dignity
A sprinkle of care and strength in you were added
Favoured of God, to Him you yielded

Precious flower, a lily
That blossoms and it’s beauty never fades
Though to some, you may look silly
A true light that never shades
Because she’s planted in the true Light
Plugged into Christ, and deeply rooted
Hence she keeps dazzling so bright

Precious flower, with unending flavour
Joined with the Saviour
Heavenly loved, made in love
Walk, talk, Jesus is your identity
Through Him, you are royalty
Let none steal your dignity
Abide in the kingdom of reality

Dress that smile and boldly shine
Dazzling as a bright morning star
In the Master aligned
A precious flower you are