n my country, I see women
Resilient, brave women fighting for the taste of freedom.
Yearning to kill the fire of abusive, inequality and femicide.
Praying to break away from the chains of sorrow.
Shielding their infants from the evil, heartless acts of this world.
I see women, staring at the past.
Looking at the scars of the past fights once fought.

In my country, I hope the rain can come and wash away our pain.
I hope heaven can forgive us for the innocent souls taken.
I hope those who have come before us,
Those who have paved the way with their blood and soul,
I hope they forgive us
I hope they do not sleep in silence.
I hope they do not bury their faces in shame.
Still in their sleep, may they whisper peace.
Still in their disappointment, I hope they balm our frenzied pain.

In my country, I strive to fight to find the humanity we’ve lost.
To erase the cruelty that has filled our hearts.
To let go of hatred that has filled our minds.
I strive to travel beyond the world of pain, sorrow, hatred.
Just to know that freedom isn’t a lie.
It is love I strive to bring.
It is hope that shall reign in our country,
Hope that one day we will grab, hold and embrace the olive branch.
Hope, to a start to the end of vicious inequality.