My brother, live life like a performer.
My sister, live life as if you are being watched.
My beloved mother lived life like a drama queen character,
she touches many souls and left them noticed.
Perform your life like you are a challenge competition.

Ride your life like the best cyclic champion.
Champion your living to the leading path.
Lead your life like you leading a chorus in a choir.
Pilot your life to the greatest destination.

Run your life like the best athlete on a track.
Be the performer of your own life,
see achievements while performing it to excellence.
Give yourself a solo championship challenge.
Compete with no one but yourself.

Make your life to be exciting
as the whole world will be your spectator.
Strive for the best outstanding performance.
Enjoy every move, pain and happiness of it.

The performer entertains,
it can also tear happiness and throw disappointment.
A performer doesn’t have limits, the world is their stage.
Make a mark that you once lived here.
Don’t allow yourself to die completely.
Let your memories live inside people’s hearts forever.
Simply because you are the best performer of your century.