The pain of rejection, the pain of being cast ashore like the sea sand.
Appointments are set and the rendezvous confirmed,
Honouring them is out of question because talking is a waste of breath,
And all there is to show for them is disastrous disappointments,
Because she has changed, the girl has changed.

Testimony to this reflects in her erratic mood swings,
No apologies or reasons for her deeds and words are advanced.
She speaks haphazardly and acts on impulse.
The girl is too busy to spend some precious time with me
because her time is spent on trips to private destinations.

The pain of rejection, the pain of living devoid of love.
When shielded by deception and emotional outbursts,
My quizzical Kate plays hard to get over and over.
I’m told time is for shopping and not hanging around,
My friendly enquiries are too boring to endure.

She leaves whenever it pleases her,
Spins around cheekily when I call her back,
Oh! my girlfriend is now a well-practiced liar,
And has the guts to call me to order with some slick pretences,
Still time and space are to good to lavish on the prisoner of love.

You don’t care baby, oh baby you just don’t give a damn!
You will never know, oh Mmabatho,
You will never know what you’ve missed.
You were the most wonderful thing,
Oh darling you were the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me.
And the monstrous emotion we shared can never be handicapped or killed.