A pain is when you get hurt
Pain is unforgettable
I guess I might sound so terrible
But it hurts when you’re being hurt by people you never met.
This is like a movie set
Because they say respect everybody you meet
But what do I get!?!
A plate full of regrets

Pain that’s what it is …
Pain is like lightning and thunder
That strikes and kills every man’s kindle
PAIN I HATE you for being my world separator
PAIN I HATE you for being my father’s killer
PAIN I HATE you for being there when I look back
But I also LOVE YOU for being my teacher
That kind of inspirer
I love you Pain because you made me a man

Dear Pain it’s hurting
Dear Pain you’re killing me
Dear Pain you sound like my mother
Dear Pain you’re making me live a lie
I hope you will be there when I sigh
The last breath out of my mouth
It took months