She should be angry right now, but she is not.
She should be hating him, but she isn’t.
She shouldn’t be crying, but she is.
She shouldn’t be loving him, but she does.

Looking back, she remembers telling him
She can’t be the other woman,
The other woman loving him like
The other woman loves him.

Looking back, she remembers telling him
“Don’t do me any favours”
Like the other woman does favours for you.
She remembers telling him she can’t be with him
Because he is taken by the other woman
Taking him to her heart.
He insisted he is nobody’s man,
The man the other woman calls her man.

Telling her yes he has got love for more than one woman,
The other woman he told he loves.
He said the love he has for her is different,
It is genuine, never felt it before,
Yet it was never enough, not enough to keep him away,
Away from the other woman who has love for him
Like she has love for him, the love he has for both of them.

How dare he, he loves more than one?
Love not enough. Why? Not her or her but them.
What is he comparing? How much from each? What from who?