At my weakest:
I discovered no one cared,
So I learned to be my own best friend.
With all the nightmares, I thought I was
But when my clicking clock made it past
My darkest hour,
I saw that I was blessed.

At my weakest:
I have hardened my skin while
Waiting for someone to care.
It is time I rock and roll.
Even if I lose it all,
I know now that it’s just a season
Bound to pass at the click of that clock,
And I will spring back up stronger and richer
To a lively dahlia.

At my weakest my reasons,
Couldn’t justify my wrongs from right.
So I let my spirit fly and hope this pen
Brings some close comfort to my soul.
At my weakest I waited for change that’s never going to come
So my heart broke a little more than a beetle
Each time the reality kicked in.
At my weakest I saw everyone’s true colours
Somehow it ranges from bad to worse and from
Good to less.

At my weakest I reached out my hand hoping for a grab.
I must have fallen so quietly quick I opened a big gab.