It all started with a cough
Who knew that life would be tough?
We lived in fear
What about my tear?

The virus became a pandemic
It affected our academic year
Millions of people are infected
Billions of people are affected

When the president announced about the lockdown
Schools were forced to shutdown
Large companies were forced to close down

Our parents lost their jobs
The world started to face the real struggle
People were angry
People were hungry
Not to mention the homeless
They’re the ones who were hopeless

The disastrous pandemic exposed the vulnerability of the homeless
It exposed the inequalities in the society
The rich became richer
The poor became poorer

Social and spiritual life suffered as crowds were prohibited regardless of their purposes
Who should we lay our concerns to besides the God above?

Oh! what has become of our nation?
What is happening to your world Dear Lord?
Hear the sound of our voices
Have mercy on us!