When I put it back on
It all flowed back into my mind
Just like flashbacks
Flowing into a long lost mind

I remembered when you gave it to me
I remember the love I saw
In your eyes that day
The care that I felt through your smile

The endless hope I got through your kiss
I remembered how I couldn’t get myself to take it off
I remember when you said I’ll
Always be wearing you around my neck

That you’ll always be close to my heart
With tears flowing down my cheeks
I remembered that we once cried together

But then again I remembered
You became…
A sweet dream
Which turned into a nightmare

You became my bitter sweet scar
A history never to be forgotten
A mistake never to be repeated
A question never to be answered
A good reason behind my frown
A cruel reminder that there’s
No such as “True Love”

My everyday heartache
My enemy

I remembered how I was your world?
You found another planet,
A planet you let destroy
Your image in your
Once beloved world…